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Email Security 


Email is at the intersection of a massive amount of risk


Since 10 March 2020 the ACSC has:

received more than 95 cybercrime reports about Australians losing money or personal information to COVID-19 themed scams and online frauds,

responded to 20 cyber security incidents affecting COVID-19 response services and/or major national suppliers in the current climate, and

disrupted over 150 malicious COVID-19 themed websites, with assistance from Australia’s major telecommunications providers, as well as Google and Microsoft.


Why Email Security is important ?

It is the number-one application that organizations depend on for communications. Unfortunately, it is also the number-one attack vector used by cyber criminals. Despite significant investments in security defenses, attackers and fraudsters continue to infiltrate organizations through targeted and advanced techniques

Attackers rely primarily on email to distribute spam, malware, and other threats. To prevent breaches, you need a powerful email security solution.

Email Security is your defense against phishing, business email compromise, and ransomware. 

Nearly all cyber-attacks leverage email. Why? Email is always on, it’s trusted, it carries links and attachments, and it can easily be impersonated. Protecting this channel used to mean protecting the perimeter, but the days when that was enough are long gone. Companies now need to move from a perimeter-based security approach to a pervasive one, with protection..

Why Email Sec is important
Risk Surface

Know you risks


At your Perimeter

  • Sophisticated, targeted attacks

  • Data leak prevention

Inside Your Network & Organization

  • Internal email threats

  • Human error

Beyond Your Perimeter

  • Abuse of owned domains

  • Brand imitation and lookalike domains

At your Perimeter

Attackers send SPAM and viruses in emails and embed URLs in them to conduct phishing and spear phishing attacks. They also deliver forms of malware that organizations can’t detect with signatures and classic antivirus technologies. Although the traditional concept of a “perimeter” has evolved, the simple fact remains that securing email is one of the most important steps organizations can take to reduce risk and keep disruption at bay.

Possible Challenges:

  • Phishing and Spear Phishing

  • Impersonation Malicious URLs and Attachments

  • Accidental or Malicious Data Leaks

  • Business Email Compromise


Inside Your Network & Organization

Even with a robust email security perimeter in place, attackers can bypass defenses and operate inside an email network, using compromised ac-counts or social engineering to send bad things inside and out. Employees are also susceptible to opening attachments, clicking on links, and falling for scams. Unsurprisingly, human error is a factor in the overwhelming majority of successful attacks.

Possible Challenges:

  • Attacks Spread from User to User

  • Attacks Spread from Employees to Customers and Partners

  • Employee Mistakes/ Lack of Awareness

  • Permanent Data Loss

Inside Network

Beyond Your Perimeter

Without confronting an organization’s email security perimeter, it’s quite easy for attackers to impersonate a brand on the internet. Even unsophisticated attackers can register a similar brand domain or host a website designed to trick customers, partners, and employees, destroying the value and trust that brand owners may have taken years or decades to build

Possible Challenges:

  • Illegitimate Emails Sent from Your Domains

  • Brand Imitation

  • Fake Websites

  • Lookalike Domains

  • Highly Sophisticated, Integrated Phishing Attacks

Beyond Perimeter

Across the Security Estate

Complex security challenges often lead to complex security ecosystems – a reality reflected by the fact that organizations are using numerous disparate technologies to address their security needs. The ability to make everything work together has never been more important. Email attack surfaces are a rich source of telemetry and threat intelligence. The ability to capture and incorporate that information into the larger security ecosystem makes IT teams and their overall security systems smarter. 

Possible Challenges:

  • Complex Security Ecosystems

  • Disparate Platforms and Technologies

  • Limited Visibility Across Systems

  • Optimization of Existing Investments

  • Lean IT Teams


Through our partnership we're offering a protection through Mimecast which is addressing the email security challenges of today at industry scale with Email Security 3.0. The technology is built with an intentional and scalable design that helps customers achieve greater security while also reducing cost and complexity, bringing together numerous essential but disparate technologies into a single, easy-to-use platform.


Address the risks

At your Perimeter

Best in class email security with protection against targeted attacks

Inside Your Network & Organization

Threat remediation, multi-layered inspection of internal & outbound email, award-winning awareness training

Beyond Your Perimeter

Protection against owned domain abuse and brand imitation, rapid remediation of live attacks

Threat Intelligence / APIs

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